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New year, a new look

Stark Design Studio launches new updated website.

The Stark Design Studio, LLC. website has been 'freshened up' and given a new look for 2021. The portfolio section of the website has been updated to include more photos of past projects to help show the depth and involvement that SDS provides to their projects. It's not just about developing a new floorplan for a new custom home, but the SDS services can extend into construction management and even interior design services.

Keeping It Fresh

“The Stark Design Studio website has had many updates over the years, leveraging new website design concepts to stay current with changing trends and device compatibilities”

It's easy to forget how important on online presence can be for a small design firm. New, more powerful handheld devices can provide website visitors new features and ways to interact with a site. Stark Design Studio knows that to keep those visitors coming back the website has to take full advantage of new and exciting advances in web design.

New Design Projects

New projects are always on the boards at Stark Design Studio. Keeping the website updated to showcase the work we do for our clients is important. Be sure to check back often to see what new and exciting projects we are creating.

It was time to refresh our online presence.”

The previous website was crisp and modern, reflecting a few of the projects that were underway at Stark Design Studio. It did a great job of showing many of SDS's design skills and our attention to details.

Keep coming back to for updates and exciting new projects coming soon.

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